Physician Shadowing, Pre-med

Physician Shadowing II

Hi everyone!

I meant to write this almost two weeks ago, but life got a little crazy. Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July if you live in the States!

I went back to shadow Dr. O two Mondays ago. It was very slow day, but it was still interesting. They were mostly wellness checks, but there were a few ear infections too. The hardest thing was getting the kids to hold still long enough for the doctor to check their ears; I think there was only one kid that stayed completely calm. Dr. O told the mums that ear infections in children under two don’t usually go away on their own, so they would need antibiotics.

He also had a patient that had severe ADHD. He was only three years old, which was really interesting and surprising to me. I’m a psych major, so I know quite a bit about mental illness, but I had no idea children could get it as young as two or three. Dr. O let me know that he was the most severe case he had ever seen before we went into the room, but when we walked in, the little kid was just standing around quietly. He felt so sick that he was really mellowed out, walking up to his mum and sitting on her lap. Dr. O said he had never seen him that calm before; he was kind of in shock. He also ended up having an ear infections.

This is what I asked him this time.

– What’s your least favorite thing to do?
“I really dislike the psych patients. It’s just really sad.”

– What about paperwork?
“It’s not as bad compared to Family Practice, since they have more patients and labs. As long as I don’t get behind, it’s pretty easy to keep up with it. If I get behind, I tend to let it pile it on until it gets out of control. When that happens, I have to come in during the weekend and have a paperwork marathon; I just sit down and do five hours of paperwork. I can stay caught up for a while after that, but I get behind again after a few weeks.”

So that was it! It was a pretty slow day so we spent a majority of the time sitting down. If you have any suggestions for questions I should ask, let me know! I’m running out of questions to ask and I could use some ideas! 🙂 I’ll be going back next Friday for another few hours of shadowing!

Wish me luck!



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