Med school

Med school is rough

Hi guys!

Wow. I keep meaning to update this but never seem to have time. I’m almost a month away from being done with my first semester of medical school! It’s been such a wild ride and I’ve been HUMBLED every single day. I thought I was ready after doing well in grad school, but I definitely was not.

Oh, I graduated Summa Cum Laude from my grad program! 😊 It was such an amazing 2 years. I already feel homesick and I’m thinking of going back to NC for residency. We also had our littlest boy on March 12th 2019, about 2 months before I graduated. That was fun not.

I don’t think I’ve ever been this tired.

Anyway, where to start? Oh, I know.

I SHOULD be studying right now, but I’m feeling pretty burned out. The exams happen every week or every other week, with almost no breaks. This coming week is affectionately called hell week. We have our cardio final, competency for OPP, an ethics exam, and an SP. The following week we have day 2 of competency and an OSCE.
Med school is no joke. I think it’s true what they say, it’s like drinking out of a fire hose. I honestly don’t know how I’m surviving. Especially when the twins are in preschool and our almost 8 month old baby refuses to sleep through the night.

It’s hard! It’s so hard, but I haven’t failed anything yet (knock on wood). I hope I can keep this up.
It honestly still feels surreal.

I’m going to be a doctor.

What?! Who let this happen?!

Okay, back to studying!


PS: I have a pink stethoscope!